Monday, November 11, 2013

My Review for Burn by Brooke Cumberland

I really, really enjoyed reading this continuation of Velaney and Eric's journey together!  Eric is so hot and is always so caring toward Velaney, you gotta love it!  I also love that we get to read both Eric and Velaney's point of view. 

There are so many hot and passionate moments between Eric and Velaney.  The two made love in some interesting places.  One of them was on a John Deer tractor! 

Unfortunately, there are the rocky moments in the novel.  Some of it stem from Velaney's family.  Her mother is so horrible, just like her brother.  You will learn more about what kind of roll Velaney does play for her family.

Carissa, you gotta love her!  She's Velaney's voice of reason and is the closest person Velaney has to family.  She's always looked out for her and wants the best for Velaney and Eric, even though she doesn't do long-term relationships for herself.

The entire twist of events that occured, it was as if Velaney was learning that things do happen for a reason.  She would beat herself  over the decisions that she made.  Down the road, she realized what the positive outcomes are.

Burn was a great way to wrap up the story of Eric and Velaney.  Great job Brooke, and I do look forward to Flame!

Rating: ★★★★★

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