Thursday, November 7, 2013

Newbie to the blogging world!

Hi everyone!  This is my very first post as a newbie blogger!  For awhile I have pondered over whether or not to start a blog.  I enjoy reading mostly Contemporary Romances, New Adult, Young Adult Romances and some Chick Lit and Rom Coms.  I also enjoy sharing good books and authors I encounter.  

On Facebook, I would post a lot about books and authors on my personal page.  Not many people I know outside of Facebook do read the same books I do.  I don't think a lot of them are aware of all the wonderful Indie authors out there either.  Most of them are more aware of books and authors from the bigger publishing companies.  Some wondered why I was posting so much about books and authors.  Not many of them realize that Indie Authors and those from smaller publishing houses don't have the same marketing resources and depend on word of mouth (and social media) to get the word out there. 

I actually got to meet awesome readers and authors through reading groups and street teams. A lot of those readers also did not have many friends outside of Facebook that were into reading like they are.  I should note that I got excited when I found out a couple relatives and friends read the books that I pimped out!

Earlier this week, I finally created a Facebook page and another Twitter account to talk and post about books and authors all I want.  So for those enjoy being informed or chatting about books and authors can follow there!

Please bear with me while I figure all this out!  You can follow me on Twitter @sneakyreading and on Facebook  


  1. Welcome to the Blog World :)
    It is hard first of and sometimes you think that you might be doing it wrong but hang in there.
    Also try and sign up for some Blog tours/books tours/cover reveals that helps you get your blog out there :)

    1. Hi Haloangel! Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it! It is exciting, but I know I have a long road ahead! I have started to sign up for a few cover reveals and tours. I'm going about it slow since I'm still starting off and don't want to take on more than I can handle for right now.