Monday, January 20, 2014

Two to Tango by Mimi Strong

Two to TangoTwo to Tango by Mimi Strong
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Such an enjoyable read!

Skye and Charlie are such fun characters! Love reading this tango between Skye and Charlie. It was like a chase between a cat and mouse. You have Skye who is like the mouse would be around briefly, have her fun and make a run for it. Charlie is the cat who loves to have fun and keeps trying to grip his claws onto Skye!

When these two are together, they have so much. Some of the love scenes are so hot! Unfortunately, Skye has issues that she does need to overcome both internally and externally. Charlie does want to be that knight in shining armor to rescue her. Who wouldn't want this hunky guy to save them?

This was not an extremely long read, but the length of the novel had so much material to keep me entertained. Just like a good majority of Mimi's books, a lot of humor and steamy, hot moments! Great job Mimi!

(ARC provided by the author)

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