Saturday, January 11, 2014

Unwritten: Serpent of Time by Shelton Fox

(This is a extra special post because I know this author. We went to High School together!)

Unwritten:  Serpent of Time
Debut novel by Shelton Fox
Genre: Epic Fantasy


Events have been set into motion that are changing the fate of the world. An ancient order, the Serpent of Time, is calling up the force needed to fight the gathering tide against humankind. Two supernaturals are tasked to pull together a band of unlikely heroes.
Wihni's people have maintained their hidden ways of life for hundreds of thousands of years. All she has wanted is to live a life honoring the Old Ways in the seclusion of her sacred lands.
Sionn was born to a people that blend their extraordinary existence into the modern human world. All he has ever wanted is to live a normal life.
Before the team can come together, their defunct group begins to unravel from the core. Everywhere they turn, danger abounds, leaving more questions than answers.
Will they be able to unite a force that can be trained to save the world? Or are they doomed from the start?
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