Friday, February 21, 2014

Firecracker Set Ablaze by Megan Flint Blog Tour

Trixie Harridan is not your typical leading lady. She's no damsel in distress and she's certainly nobody's victim.

This firecracker knows what she wants and just how to get it. She'll surrender to a man, because that's what turns her crank, but whether he realizes it or not, it's always on Trixie's terms.

Still, the fiery redhead might have taken on more than she can manage with Cy, the tattooed masseuse who's up for anything, and Erik, the massive fitness coach who wants her all to himself.

Whoever said "you can't have your cake and eat it too" never met Trixie Harridan.

Naughty Scale: Steamy male/female oral foreplay and brassy undaunted sex. If you aren't 18 years old yet, avert your prying eyes. Or go ahead and look. I can't stop you.

Collection Includes:
Firecracker #1 (Firecracker in Heat)
Firecracker #2 (Firecracker Goes Astray)
Firecracker #3 (Firecracker Under Pressure)
Firecracker #4 (Firecracker Takes Aim)
Firecracker #5 (Firecracker on Target)

Trixie Harridan is such an interesting character.  She's agressive, daring and when she knows what she wants, she goes for it.  Trixie being so needy does make her a bit selfish too.  This kind of personality is what made this story such a really hot read.

With Trixie being needy, she does  end up in a bit of a "love triangle."  Here's Cy, a hot new guy that just came into the picture.  Then there's Erik, another hottie from her past that she purposely seeks out to run into.  Trixie wants to continue seeing both men since she enjoys being with both of them.  Erik does have a business partner Vanessa, who was involved with Erik.  She still has feelings for Erik and is not cool with Trixie coming back into the picture and isn't really quiet about it.

The way the events go in the story, I wondered as I read if she does truly want one guy over the other.  Yes, I was rooting for one guy and I won't say who it is on here!  What I will say is Trixie does have someone in mind and does make it known who she lays claim to!

Megan Flint has done a great job with this series.  If you love really hot, sexy stories,  then you will enjoy reading Firecracker Set Ablaze!

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Megan Flint has never put much stock in shame. Not surprisingly, she writes about characters who feel the same way. If you enjoy reading about women who own their sexual appetites, Trixie Harridan and the "Firecracker" series doesn't disappoint.

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