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Destroyed by Pepper Winters Blog Tour

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Title: Destroyed Series: Stand-alone 
Author: Pepper Winters 
Genre: Dark (Lighter) / Romance (Grey Romance) 
Release Date: March 7, 2014 
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She has a secret. I’m complicated. Not broken or ruined or running from a past I can’t face. Just complicated. I thought my life couldn’t get any more tangled in deceit and confusion. But I hadn’t met him. I hadn't realized how far I could fall or what I'd do to get free. He has a secret. I’ve never pretended to be good or deserving. I chase who I want, do what I want, act how I want. I didn’t have time to lust after a woman I had no right to lust after. I told myself to shut up and stay hidden. But then she tried to run. I’d tasted what she could offer me and damned if I would let her go. One secret destroys them. 

Raising my eyes to lock with hers, I murmured, “I want to lick you.”

Her eyes flared wide; her toned tummy tightened.

When she didn’t move, I cocked my head. “Let me taste you and I’ll gladly let you touch 
my back. But I’m not going anywhere until you obey me. Come here.”

She shook her head, a blush covering her cheeks. “I can’t. How would you—”

Logistics seemed simple to me. “You have to sit on my face, Zel.” I couldn’t stop the 
small smile and the thrill in my stomach at the thought of her presenting herself to me. 
She’d have to willing expose herself and hold herself in place while I pleasured her.

“Move. Now. I won’t ask again.” –ROAN


It was the best kiss I’d ever received, but also the worst. It sparked lust and need in 
every inch of me. My lips wanted more, my tongue wanted savagery. My skin wanted 
to bruise because he needed to touch me so badly. 

All my thoughts disappeared as I nipped at his bottom lip. He flinched, but a second 
later he copied, his sharp canines piercing my oversensitive flesh. 

I moaned. 

I couldn’t take it. 

My hands flew up and gripped his shirt. Yanking him toward me, fireworks whizzed 
in my fingertips; my heart galloped toward exploding with lust. I’d never been so drunk 
on someone before. 

Then I landed flat on my back. 

The crack of my skull jangled my teeth. The thick carpet did little to cushion me. My 
eyes flared wide and I grunted in pain. Fear, hot and terrible, swamped my lust in a 
dampening wave. 

“Top rule. Unbreakable rule. Don’t. Ever. Touch. Me.” Fox kneeled on one knee 
beside my head, breathing hard. His hand noosed my throat, pressing my spine into the 
carpet. His eyes were cold and lifeless, looking like a hunter intent on blood. –HAZEL


I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry. In one move, Fox gave everything that he 
was. He bared his soul; he dropped every barrier, so we could understand him better. 
I hated myself in that moment for keeping so much from him. For judging him. For 
not understanding or granting more compassion.-HAZEL


This is another great dark romance by Pepper Winters!  When I say dark, it's not a novel for those who don't like descriptions of violence.  Pepper really takes you into the minds of the characters Fox (Roan) and Zel (Hazel.)  Fox and Zel have encountered violence in their past.  Both are ready to protect when they feel threatened.  Even though they have this stance to them, they are also going through a lot mentally.  

Fox's past still taunts his mind.  He is a trained assassin and one of the things he was trained is to do is not to have feelings of affection.  He doesn't like to be touched and when he does get touched, he gets violent.  He's very angry and hasn't fully let go of his past, which is the only thing he really knows.  He hasn't experienced romance or had affection from anyone.  When he sees Zel, he's fascinated by her.  He's hoping that she probably can help fix him.  

Zel has been on her own since she ran away from a foster family as a teenager.  She wants to save everyone.  She's saved her friend Clue.  She wants to save her daughter, Clara, who is sick.  She very much desires Fox and wants to help fix him.  Helping Fox is not very easy and it was very challenging for Zel.  As difficult as this was and even when she would get angry, nearly give up, she always threw herself back into that gauntlet.  

Like a lot of novels, there's always that person who is the voice of reason who you just have to adore.  This was Zel's eight year old daughter, Clara.  Clara wasn't afraid of anything and definitely wasn't scared of Fox.  She adored him and saw the good in him.  Could she be the person to help fix him too?     

In typical Pepper fashion, she created these tortured characters that are intriguing.  Destroyed held my interest with the emotions the characters go through, both good and bad.  What they have gone through, you want to see if they do find the resolution to their problems and see if they succeed.  Thank you Pepper for such a great novel!

*****FIVE STARS*****


Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero the better and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex… her books have sex. She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby (who speaks French—hot!) who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends. She loves to hear from her readers so hit her up at 

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